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Mission & Goals

Drawing on the experience and expertise of leading health, business, community, education, and legal experts in the United States and internationally, The Sullivan Alliance:

  • Raises awareness of the importance and value of achieving racial and ethnic diversity in the health professions including medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology, and public health;
  • Disseminates information about best practices and resources that enhance the health professions pipeline; and
  • Stimulates academic programs and partnerships in the health professions to create new—or more effectively implement existing—diversity initiatives. 

The Alliance’s goal is to provide the focused leadership,deep commitment, and sustainable efforts that will result in the addition to our nation’s workforce of more well-trained health professionals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. A more diverse workforce will provide the nation with quality healthcare, break-through research, a reduction in health disparities, and greater economic vitality in the decades ahead.

State and national initiatives illuminate The Sullivan Alliance's current mission and goals.