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Connect Connect with the Sullivan Alliance

Connect with the Sullivan Alliance

The Sullivan Alliance is not a membership organization. However, it is committed to building state and regional alliances that will create important and effective initiatives to diversify the health workforce. These alliances will directly support national policy changes that protect and improve the health and productivity of all Americans in their communities. Having available more well-trained health professionals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds is key to providing quality healthcare to our nation in the decades ahead.

One of the strengths of The Sullivan Alliance is that as a national organization, it gives its partners a unique combination of access to innovation, best practices, and knowledge of the process of successful system change. The Alliance regularly and rapidly identifies and coordinates opportunities and strategies to propel the need for and benefits of health workforce diversity into the national discussion.

The benefits of becoming a state or regional partner of The Sullivan Alliance include: access to national and regional leaders in healthcare diversity efforts, access to health disparities/health professions diversity resources and activities, links to best practices, advice on grant-giving organizations, and grant proposal guidance.

The Alliance is eager to develop partnerships with organizations and institutions actively engaged in activities that further the recommendations of the Sullivan Commission Report and IOM Committee Study. The recommendations include:

  • Strengthening the educational pipeline to the healthcare professions
  • Financing education in the health professions
  • Increasing institutional accountability in achieving diversity
  • Improving admissions policies and practices
  • Reducing financial barriers to students and families
  • Encouraging diversity efforts through accreditation
  • Improving institutional climate
  • Applying community benefit principles to diversity efforts, and
  • Creating mechanisms to encourage support for diversity efforts

Please contact The Sullivan Alliance for further partnership information.