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38th Annual Minority Health Conference – Systems of Power: Recalling Our Past, Restructuring Our Future

William and Ida Friday Center
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Event URL: website
Date/Time: February 24, 2017

UNC’s 38th Annual Minority Health Conference, entitled “Systems of Power: Recalling Our Past, Restructuring Our Future,” will take place on February 24, 2017. Last year’s event had over 750 in-person attendees and 1,350 webcast viewers.

As our nation faces crucial conversations about race and justice, the conference will explore power’s role in public health. The conference will approach “power” as not solely good or bad, but rather, define power by who has it, what people choose to do with it, and the systems and structures that influence those decisions. In addition, the theme acknowledges the impact that history has had on the health of historically marginalized and oppressed groups and encourages a call to action!

The Minority Health Conference is the largest and longest running student-led health conference in the country. The conference aims to raise awareness around health disparities and mobilize students, academics, and community members to take action for change.