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Former Secretary of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Louis W. Sullivan to visit two Baltimore K-10 schools to meet, inspire children enrolled in “Sullivan Kids” after-school programs

Baltimore, MD (September 26, 2013) – Today Louis W. Sullivan, MD is in Maryland visiting K-10 students at two Baltimore City Charter schools, Northwood Appold Community Academy Public Charter School II (NACA II) and Rosemont Elementary and Middle School (Rosemont). Dr. Sullivan wants to see first-hand both schools’ commitment to educating students with a focus on rigorous academic and intellectual engagement, and preparing students for future health-related careers. Both schools offer their K-10 students “Sullivan Kids” after-school programs that were conceived and developed by members of The Maryland Alliance to Transform the Health Professions (MD Sullivan Alliance).

Dr. Sullivan is the Founding Dean and President Emeritus of Morehouse School of Medicine, Chairman of The Sullivan Alliance to Transform the Health Professions, and Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“It’s essential that we mentor our children so that they are ready to be tomorrow’s health professionals and community leaders,” said Louis W. Sullivan, MD. “I’m very proud of these community-facing programs that the Maryland Alliance developed along with its many partners.”

The MD Sullivan Alliance is a consortium of key health professions schools – at Maryland higher education institutions, both private and public, including all of the state’s HBCUs – that have joined forces to increase the number and percentage of ethnic and racial minorities matriculating into the various health professions. The Maryland Alliance is chaired by Allan S. Noonan, MD, MPH. Dr. Noonan is a retired Assistant Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service and Founding Dean of the School of Community Health and Policy at Morgan State University. Ilana S. Mittman, PhD, a social scientist focused on health and educational equity, and Ms. Hermione M Hicks, MPH, an education specialist, have also been guiding these K-10 initiatives.

“We hope that Dr. Sullivan’s visit will serve as an inspiration to NACA and Rosemont students, parents, faculty and their communities, as he continues his legacy to transform the health professions,” said Maryland Alliance Chair Allan S. Noonan, MD, MPH.

From 10:00 to 11:30AM, Dr. Sullivan will visit with the students at NACA II. During spring 2013, NACA II and the MD Sullivan Alliance launched "The Sullivan Kids Health Club at NACA II”. The purpose of the Health Club is to introduce the students to, and place them on, one of NACA’s (multiple) Freedom and Democracy College and Career Pathways. In this instance, the students have been introduced to the: “The Freedom and Democracy College and Career Pathway to Heath and The Health Professions.” This effort is preparing NACA II students for college and professional careers in health, wherein they will excel and have a significant impact on the health of their home community, the larger Baltimore community, and perhaps the national and global community. Dr. Sullivan will be accompanied by school and Alliance officials including: Allan Noonan, MD, MPH; Ilana S. Mittman, PhD; Cecil Gray, PhD, Director; Sonya Gray, Executive Director; and Veris Lee, Program Coordinator.

From 2:30 to 4:00PM, Dr. Sullivan will meet and talk with students at Rosemont Elementary and Middle School. Rosemont is a Charter School of Coppin State University. The Sullivan Kids Club at Rosemont was also inaugurated in the spring of 2013. The initiative has been spearheaded by a handful of professionals who are members of a state-wide consortium to transform the Maryland’s health professions by interesting people of color in a career in healthcare. The premise of the program at Rosemont is to build a network of support around the children which includes their parents, educators and career counselors aiming to enhance their self-esteem and aspirations for a rewarding career in healthcare. A number of school, Alliance and Coppin State officials will attend the event with Dr. Sullivan: Allan Noonan, MD, MPH; Ilana S. Mittman, PhD; Mr. Dwayne Wheeler, Principal, Rosemont; Ms. Sandra Ashe, Executive Director, Rosemont; Dr. Frank Kober, Special Consultant to the President, Coppin State University; Dr. Sadie Gregory, Provost, Coppin State University; and Ms. Hermione M. Hicks, MPA, Former Assistant Dean of Admissions, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

In the evening, Dr. Sullivan will be attending the Rockin' the Red for Sickle Cell dinner at the Legg Mason Tower, 100 International Drive, Baltimore, MD where he will receive a Distinguished Service Award from the William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund.

**Drs. Sullivan, Noonan and Mittman, as well as school representatives, are available for media interviews during and after (by phone) the events. Both schools are accessible by pre-registered media only. Media must sign-in at the front office and obtain visitor passes**

About Northwood Appold Community Academy Public Charter School II (

NACA is open to all Baltimore City K-10 children. In its year (2005-2006), it served one hundred twenty-six (126) K-2 students and today it serves 332 students grades K-6. NACA boasts a 7:1 student to adult ratio; as each class consists of twenty-one (21) students, one master teacher, one paraprofessional/teacher’s assistant, and one volunteer parent. There are two classes for each grade level. At the start of each year following the first year, one grade level will be added until NACA culminates at the 12th grade level in 2015.

NACA is committed to being a reason families decide to stay in – and return to – the city and the city's public education system. NACA demonstrates this commitment by serving the full spectrum of students and families. NACA knows that at every economic level, there are students (and parents) able, primed, and eager to achieve at high levels; and NACA is attracting and working with those people. In partnership with each family, their children, and the community, NACA offers a sophisticated-practical-user-friendly, proficient, twenty-first century, public school. NACA is committed to meeting the specific needs articulated by area families, as well as local (retired and current) public school teachers and administrators. By meeting and planning together regularly and frequently with parents-teachers-administrators-students-community stakeholders-and-business representatives, NACA is meeting the needs noted above. Some may think the meeting these needs is a dream. We at NACA see things differently. At NACA, we know that a good dream is a constructive reality waiting to be brought into existence by a team of equipped, caring, committed folk. And the people for NACA are such a team.
   Address: 2500 E. Northern Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21214.

About Rosemont Elementary and Middle School (

Rosemont Elementary and Middle School, located in West Baltimore, is one of the many schools within the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) that is a part of BCPSS new initiative schools program. In 1997, Coppin State University embarked on a serious mission to remake the low performing Baltimore City Public School by development of Critical Thinking Skills by a curriculum infusion and pedagogical training of staff.

Rosemont serves 450 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Housed at the school are two city-wide special education programs, a Preschool, and two Life Skills programs. The school receives Title I school-wide services. Ninety-four percent of the students are eligible to receive the free and reduced lunch. All of the students receive the free breakfast program. The student population is predominantly African-American. In the past decade Rosemont underwent a remarkable transformation under the leadership of Coppin State University from being among the lowest performing schools in the city to the most improved school in the Baltimore Public School System. In 2004, Rosemont exceeded the city and the state in fifth grade reading and math as well as third grade math. Third grade reading exceeded the city's average.
   Address: 2777 Presstman St., Baltimore, MD 21216

About The Sullivan Alliance to Transform the Health Professions

Under the leadership of Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Sullivan Alliance to Transform the Health Professions was organized in January 2005, to act on the reports and recommendations of the Sullivan Commission (Missing Persons: Minorities in the Health Professions, September, 2004), and the Institute of Medicine Committee on Institutional and Policy-Level Strategies for Increasing the Diversity of the U.S. Healthcare Workforce (In the Nation’s Compelling Interest: Ensuring Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce). The Alliance’s goal is to provide the focused leadership, deep commitment, and sustainable efforts that will result in the addition to our nation’s workforce of more well-trained health professionals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds able to provide quality health care and break-through research in the decades ahead.

For more information, go to, Twitter (@SullivanAllianc) or Facebook (

Rosemont Elementary and Middle School (REMS)Northwood Appold Community Academy Public Charter School IIFor interviews with Drs. Sullivan and Noonan contact:
Samantha Edwards
Communications Director
The Sullivan Alliance


NACA II contact:
Sonya Gray

REMS Sullivan Kids contact:
Ilana Mittman

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