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The Sullivan Alliance seeks to strengthen the capacity and quality of the nation’s health workforce by increasing the numbers of ethnic and racial minorities within the health professions. Alliance activities focus on the intersection of health, education and health workforce.

Louis W. Sullivan, M.D., former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, formed The Sullivan Alliance to Transform the Health Professions in January 2005. With operations expanding around the country and the world, the Alliance established itself as a separate 501c.3 non-profit organization in 2011.

1 in 3 Americans

is a member of a racial or ethnic minority group. For those under the age of 20, the percentage rises to 43%. For those under age 1, it is 50.4%.

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U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by 2043

there will be no majority population in the United States. Yet, today only 8.9% of physicians, 9.5% of dentists, 10.1% of pharmacists, and 16.6% of Registered Nurses are of a racial or ethnic minority group traditionally underrepresented in the health professions.

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The lack of minority health professionals

has a profound impact on access to care and quality of care - and is a major contributor to health disparities in the United States.

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